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Re: KMA to MP3+G question

Originally Posted by baransy View Post
Admin from MTU says "sorry no" ??? Mr Dennis says yes but with fine name listed in front of song and artist. MTU also will not reply to my Hoster 5.0 crashes after purchasing 8 copies and they wont reply to my purchasing Songverter 1.0 and it NEVER working and me requesting an upgrade to one that might actually work with a simple question. "Sorry NO" seems to be a theme with MTU. But why?
If you are having problems with Hoster 5.0, then this is the thread you need to post your details of the problem:
If you can do that then it will help them to narrow down the causes of the crashes.

Did you submit a support ticket on the Hoster crashes? If so when?
Did you get an auto-reply message back with your ticket number in it.

When did you purchase Songverter 1.0 and when did you notify them it wasn't working?
What operating system are you using on the computer for Songverter?
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