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I have the latest version of Vogone and I can't get it to recognize the lame_dll encoder. I put it both in the system folder and system32 folder and it still won't work. Actually it does recognize it. This is what it says. A "lame_enc.dll" was found on your system that does not include
support for all of the features that MTU products require. If you
keep your current "lame_enc.dll", you will not have MP3 support
in your MTU products.
We found a safe site redirected below. Highlight the link, right-click
on it, and select "Launch URL". Follow the instructions given.
Without the proper level of MP3 support, MP3 and ZIP files
will be excluded from Vocal Reduction.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are legal problems in your country
downloading this file, then consider whether you should or not.
This is the exact one that it tells you to download in the link above. Any suggestions?
I have Windows 7 with Intel Core 2 Quad 2.34Ghz with 6GB installed memory, and all updates have been done.

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