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I'm using Vogone 3.201. I picked a song that I couldn't find anywhere in the world of karaoke- "Snake Farm" by Ray Wylie Hubbard. Running through the menus was super-easy- the whole process didn't take long at all. The song I purchased from iTunes, burned to a CD, then converted to an MP3. The vocals seemed to be centered, but I still had to adjust the high and low filters quite far out to eliminate the majority of the vocals. I was using a set of Bose QC2 headphones during the adjustment process. The lyrics I placed in a text file and imported in- did have to make the font size pretty small on the lyrics screen to get a whole "line" per line. It took a while to get the "spacebar" technique down, and it was a little difficult to change the timing once the entire song had been run through. The end result muddied the music a slight bit, and you can still hear a small amount of the high-frquency range of the vocals if you listen carefully. All in all, it was a great, inexpensive solution to making a karaoke song that didn't exist!