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Re: songverter speed

Originally Posted by Mikelly View Post
Hi MTU & Users

I'm thinking of buying the Mtu Songverter but when i read it can only do 100 songs per hour thats gonna take a huge amount of time
Has there been any update since this post started in year 2007 to how many songs it can convert from Kma to MP3+G?

Does this depend on the specs of individual laptops...the higher the specs & speed the faster it will convert?

Looking Forward To Replies.

Thankyou in Advance
That was the original poster's comment. As he said he was converting from KMA to MP3+G which is going from one compressed format to another. This will always be the slowest conversion. Newer faster computers since that time may help with this, but any conversion you do will require time for the first format to be read and rewritten to the new format. This is not an instantanious process. No program that I know of can get around that fact.
I have never had any problem with speed on it but at the same time I don't convert large amounts of files.
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