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some basic tips

---Although I have yet to use the newest version of Dnoise, I had great success with the earlier versions, and some techniques seem to apply to most de-noising software:

---You will often have great success with multiple passes- i.e., don't try to get all of the noise out on one pass. You can adjust the settings and get new templates on each successive pass, and you will tend to have fewer nasty, side-effect artifacts in the final product.

---Sometimes a shorter template is better than a longer one. 1/4 second seems to be the minimum length, but longer is not always better. The "character" of the template matters, as well. Try several. You have the luxury of real-time processing now. In "the old days", we would have to do considerable thumb-twiddling while we waited for our test paramaters to process (originally 27 times real time!)

Good Luck.