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Noise removal is an \"art\". It takes trial an error to tweak the parameters for the best processing. Because DNoise V3 allows live adjustment of the noise parameters, you can quickly start to see the interactions of each control on the particular audio you are processing. Each audio file is unique! You can find some similarities - for example removing cassette tape hiss from a sermon from tapes made at the same church every Sunday. You will also be removing some ambience noise of that church, so the same template will not work as well on tapes from another church, with different room ambience.

I strongly suggest you read the manual before starting as it has many tips that will help you understand.

Make sure your noise template is in the range of 1/4 to 1 second long. This can affect your results.

Don\'t start with the WORST CASE you have ever run across! Pick a really simple noise case (like flourescent hum) not removing air conditioner noise. If you try the worst to start with you will become discouraged. Experts can struggle with removing some noises. You need to try to understand the basics first, then move on to advanced noise removal.