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Originally Posted by Maverick65 View Post
This disc is not an SCDG, it is a regular DVD with IFO and VOB files. Just like the ones we buy and rent with movies on them. I can rip the files to my computer and play them on my computer, but I can't find a way to get them into my Microstudio program so I can copy them as a CDG or BIN file. I searched the web and found many sites that convert CDG to DVD but not the reverse.
Failing to accomplish this, does anyone know where I can buy the Priddis disc 9073 ( Holy Christmas Night )
Thanks Maverick
You cannot convert those to CDG (BIN) files and Microstudio will not play video type karaoke. Video Hoster is the only program MTU has that can play them but not directly from the DVD.
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