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Originally Posted by Vi Harris View Post
Thanks for that, but I'll just keep opening it twice. I use it a lot. I create karaoke from audio tracks. As far as new software, I have many new software programs and Vogone is the only one with this problem. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I always appreciate them.
Hi, Vi.

I think I see what you are describing. When you open Vogone on an 800x600 screen the first time, it lines up with the bottom of the screen. Then when you close and open it again, it lines up with the top of the screen. It appears to alternate between them.

Since Vogone is not a sizeable screen, I have another suggestion for you. What physical size is your screen? 15"? 17"? Would you consider moving up one size (add 2" to the diagonal), and then viewing your desktop in at least 1024x768 mode? This may be the solution you require. Displays are getting less and less expensive, and there is so much more to show on a screen than an 800-pixel wide screen can display. The great majority of web pages out there require that you view their pages in at least 1024x768, for example.

Just my 2...
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