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Regarding the need to mention which version when posting, your confusion is understandable, but if you'll notice, Keyrite versions 1.xx and 2.xx each have their own forum.

Version 2.xx wasn't released until late Dec.03, and the forum for it was created at that time. None of the discussion prior to then relates to version 2.xx

Version 1.xx is a continuation of the only existing Keyrite version prior to then, so there was no need to mention which version number the folks were discussing. There really isn't now either since they each have their own forum, allowing that the discussions take place in the proper forum.

Jahern's assessment is correct. Some people notice no difference between either version, some prefer version 1.xx and some prefer 2.xx.

Version 1.xx comes with the suite. If you are dissatisfied with it because of what you hear, not what you read, then by all means download the version 2.xx, try some of the same songs on it, and make your own mind up whether to upgrade to 2.xx or not.

I'm sure MTU will work with you should you elect to upgrade within 30 days of your Karaoke Suite purchase.

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