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Garble of Statements

Perhaps you have read extracts of the Beta Testing forum that was made available for public viewing by the Admin.

In Beta Testing, new versions are presented and they can be changed and upgraded as soon as problems are detected.

Some of the opinions were based soley on the new versions and some were general.

I think the summary is that version 1.400 is the same version that several users, (few, according to other folks) found objectionable at certain levels. It has been changed in delivery and installation method and not much else.

Version 2.008 is the recently tweeked version that several have found to be a big improvement.

1.400 is called Home
2.008 is called Pro

1.400 version does not claim to be in essence better than several of its predecessors. (perhaps this explains a lack of version citing) Several people are completely satisfied already and don't feel a need to worry about 2.008

I think I have summarized things correctly; if not I am sure someone else will make improvements on my facts.
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