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Smile Keyrite

I just dowloaded the Karaoke Suite 4 a few days ago. It comes with Keyrite 1.400 and as MTU admitted, there is some wobble to the music. But at the volume it will be played in a show with vocals along with it, I don't think it'll be noticeable.

My gripe in reading these testimonials or negative opinions is that the version of keyrite in not given. The latest version 2.something is undoubtedly better than 1.something.

Readers would get more accurate info if you would say "I use version 1.2 and it warbles. And if you use version 2.whatever, it helps to know that, too. Otherwise, it's just a garble of pro and con comments without any substance.

One other note, the suite works better and easier than anything else I've seen.
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