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I lost and presumed 3 books in a lot of years were stolen, one by one they found their way back. The big book, anything over a 1 inch binder is overkill. Cull your books down, increase the font size, and have people look less and sing more. I've done this at my last printing. I culled from over 9000 to 5400 and life is good. We do not need White Christmas or Jingle bells in our books 50 weeks of the year. If you live in an area like I do, it's rare to find someone in a bar that sings Tony Bennett, or Barry Manilow and a whole bunch more I can think of, the most popular I do keep. I'll give you a for instance I used to have 36 Bette Midler, 3 of them is sang once in a while they are still in my books. Sinatra, 125 then 3 now. I still have a master book I carry when job hunting and I do need a 3.5 inch binder. My gig binders are one inch, and I get compliments on not having to write down numbers and how easy it is to find stuff. Sometimes less is more.

Golf pencils, good part is I do a lot of bars with the Michigan Lotto, with drawings every five minutes, they use golf pencils so I have a lot of different colored lotto pencils they have a bunch of yellow plain ones.

Used to have business cards in my book, now I have my e-mail and phone number and business logo on the KJ slips, didn't like to see my cards being used for slips. Lot of folks when contracting me for a wedding or party got my number from a friend via KJ slip.
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