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Talking Keywrite Install Registration Problem

MTU KEYWRITE PROBLEMchemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

According to your help instructions I am providing the information as requested in the instructions in the hope of solving this problem. Due to computer changes I am on my third purchase of upgrades for Karaoke Studio 4 which was done 1/23/2006.

  • PROBLEM: Kewrite Pro originally sent error message ”serial number does not match your registration information. Please reinstall Keywrite and try again.”
  • Version #: 2.008 which I had previously upgraded 12/31/2003
  • Windows Type: Windows XP
  • What I am trying to do:
Install the Karaoke Studio 4 upgrade purchased on 1/23/2006 order number 42895

please note this on a computer with a new motherboard and completely

reformatted hard disk. KHPro, Version 4.103; Microstudio, Version 2.612; and

Vogone, Version 2.210 installed with no problem. When I tried to install Keywrite it

immediately gave me the error message “serial number does not match your

registration information.” I followed the instructions and tried to reinstall Keywrite.

When it got to the screen transmitting registration information it went so far and quit.

I was able to remove the Kewrite once and tried to reinstall only to get the

same errors. I am now stuck with my computer automatically beginning the

installshield wizard every time I restart/reboot and the install ends at the same place

while transmitting the registration info.

Order Install History:

I have been able to reinstall the old Keywrite Home version from the CD Karaoke

Suite 4 purchased 8/15/2003, order number 10294. This version was upgraded to

Keywrite Pro version 2.008 on 12/31/2003, order number 13262. Which operated fine

until my computer crashed 6/2005. I had upgraded KHPro to 4.103 in February, order

number 20823. In June 2005 when reloading Karaoke Suit everything reloaded fine

but when I tried to open Keywrite I got the error same error as above “Serial number

does not match registration information.” The oldest version was purchased with my

old e-mail, you were notified of an e-mail change and all

subsequent purchases have been with e-mail I have also

tried a posting on the forum with no successful help.

Finally to sum up….the InstallShield for 2.008 automatically starts when I restart/boot my computer. The installshield stops when transmitting the registration information. Trying to reinstall Keyrite does not work and most likely would come back with “Serial Number does not match registration information.”

Thank you for your timely response, I trust MTU will be able to resolve this problem.

John M. Webster……e-mail:

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