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To: Dale Douglass 12-28-08

Can you tell me what software is related to the Microstudio that affects the production of disks that I would need to update or upgrade? My Router has been updated, my Modem has been updated and I backup my three hard drives every two weeks.
Your advertizing stated when I was buying the new burner that if I didn't use MTU's disk that the burner would not work properly. I believed what they said. That's why I didn't buy cheaper disks.
How would cheap disks work when I'm trying to get the burner to work.
You can look up in my records that I purchased a burner some time this year and it worked fine for about as long as this current one. I asked for an RMA number and returned the unit to MTU. They deducted a re-stocking charge.
I have been with this company a long time, Since 2003, and in the beginning I spoke with the owner most times and he would spend some time helping with the problems I would have with other software. Like never being able to download programs for some unknown reasons and would have to purchase the CD/or/DVD to get the programs to work.
*I would like to hear from someone from MTU who can explain to me why my unit will 'test write' a new disk that I want to burn and it processes perfectly, but when the burner tells me that testing process was completed successfuly and it asks if I want to burn it, it errors out every time. What part of my computer system has any control at that point in the process. Then, maybe I can work on that piece of hardware or software!
I have some $15,000 dollars of editing software and hardware in this computer. I have Pinnacle Software and Pinnacle hardware, Lexocon amplifiers that I use to produce my recording of all of our Songs Using $500 dollar microphones and Cakewalk software when I need to produce new music. I can run all of this equipment but I can't produce a Karaoke disk with this burner. I have seventy Karaoke disk to create now but my business is dead in the water.
I purchased this new burner on 2008-11-25 @ 23:30:24. My order number is 63081. I've had it just over a month. It worked for two weeks and your Warranty is 10 days.
*I think if no one can answer my question I feel that MTU owes me something. At least to check the unit out at you plant and see if they can get it to work.
I have been buying MTU software and hardware since 2003. I really am not mad, I'm disapointed!

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