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Having the same problem. "Destination drive not Ready".

My new drive created about 13 or 14 disks and then I started ruining one disk after another. I always run the test before burning. The disk would show that the disk past the test and when I started the burn, within 2 minuets, the burn would error out and show the disk was no longer usable. I ruined some 26 or twenty seven new disks without one completed disk. I checked the forum and found nothing. I read something about having Roxio and and another type of program that could interfere with the system, got rid of them and re-installed MTU 14006a and still could not make a disk. I have been to Microsoft and went through both the Express and the Custom updates and nothing has worked. I don't know of anything else I can do. I sent a "HighjackThis" to an analyst and they checked all the items and could only say it must have something to do with the disk. I removed the two other burners I have in the computer and still nothing worked. When I move the songs to the recording side, some names have been shortened or missing.
It's the same with "Keyrite". I tried all that you have sent me to try and still it never stops running. I've changed the name tried for new programs from microsoft and haven't had any luck with that program. It worked well before the new upgrade and hasn't work since.

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