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New place to gig on Thursday, but Sun/Tue. bar owner doesn't seem to like the idea.

Whatya you guys think?
Here's the scenario: I host a karaoke show on Sundays and tuesdays at bar #1 and do quite well on both nights, e.g., plenty of returning regulars with new ppl coming in as well., Been there 5 years and get along well with the owner and bartenders. Here comes the fun.
A bar #2 opens up down the street and thinks they would like to try karaoke on Thursday nights. They hire me. Bar #1 has its hiphop night on Thursdays. No issue there. The bar #1 owner calls me aside last night and this is what he says. "Bryant, how are things going down the road on Thursdays?" I tell him "too early to tell only been there three weeks, but sorta slow now." He then asks me "If you don't mind me asking how much are they paying you?" I tell him about the same, as I get the same pretty much in all my gig joints. He goes on to say that he thinks now that there is another place for his Sunday and Tuesday crowds to attend the same thing on Thursday's down the street, that it spreads out the wealth a little thin, as some of his crowd may choose to go down the road on Thursdays instead of coming to his bar #1 on Sundays or Tuesdays, therefore, possibly shringking his take a little. Sort of "spreading things out too thin", and it would be only fair that if this being the case, that I should be paid a little bit less at his place (bar #1). Let's see how it all plays out, he says, and in the future we may have to have another conversation and talk about this.
What is going on here, and have you guys run into this sorta thing at all? What would you suggest I might say to him if we ever do have "that other conversation"?

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