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Originally Posted by nptrevino
The steps I took using keywrite 1400.

1. copied the audio portion using Sonic Stage to wave files.
2. Changed the keys on all the songs using all these increments -1,-2,-3,-5,-5,and+5.
3. Created an audio CDR using Sonic Stage.

I also took songs from another CDG and lowered they keys on those as well.

The way I look at is, I have more options. Since I don't perform much anyway, I can use the CDR to practice, and I can use the original CDG live or even use the CDR if the DJ has no way of lowering the Keys on the CDG.
You may want to consider Microstudio also so you can import your CDG tracks with the lyrics. Then, Keyrite will keychange the music and leave the lyrics in the same synchronization as the original.

Microstudio also allows writing a new CDG disc back with your key changed songs. Then, you never again need to ask for a key change from your show host.
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