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Re: Cannot import songs from disks

Thank You Roy for replying so quickly. I\'m running Windows 10 and have been for quite some time. I\'m using the same CD-R\'s that I\'ve used for years (the gold ones that were made in Japan, the best you could buy). I had looked up the version of Microstudio for updates, but the update for mine is no longer free and I don\'t want to buy it if it doesn\'t resolve the problem. I wrote to MTU and got a reply that they thought it was my disk drives. I know that\'s not so, so I wrote back to them and told them so. I haven\'t gotten back any reply, so I\'m pretty P.O.\'d with them. I\'ve spent thousands of dollars with them over the years, so obviously I\'m frustrated. I do believe it\'s a problem with their software.
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