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Keyrite not loading MP3s

Running Keyrite v 2.24 on Windows 10. Not having too much luck with it.

Upon trying to launch the program, I get the following message:

To be able to write out key changed MP3, ZIP and KMA files containing MP3 audio,
you will need to download and install the \"libmp3lame.dll\" file over the Internet.

We found a safe site redirected below. Highlight the link, right click on it, and
select \"Launch URL\". Follow the instructions given.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are legal problems in your country downloading this file,
then you must consider whether you should or not.

When downloading the \"solution\" and launching it. I get the following message:

\"Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We are just collecting some error info, and then we\'ll restart for you.\"

The computer reboots.

This is frustrating beyond belief.

Any help?

Thank you

Jon Addams
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