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Actually, we were going to limit Microstudio 3.0 to only display the first 100 songs in the folder so it would display them FAST. However, our trusty Beta Testers jumped all over us. They all wanted to see EVERYTHING in the folder.

So, you got it. Do as Dale suggests; create a new folder that you set as the default in Microstudio. Then, only import new songs into that (happens automatically to the default folder), and then when you go to play them there won't be so many there.

And... you can copy whatever KMA files you want to burn to a disc into this folder. Then, delete them from this folder after you have burned them.

Microstudio does not have a database. We build the table list every time you open it, which is why you see it being slow. If we kept a list, we would double the code to maintain it! Nope! We build it every time.
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