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Originally Posted by Roy Dennis View Post
This tip was first shown me by Lonman so credit to him.
To display extra info in the play list but not have it display on the extended monitor.
For example singers name, If you have multiple singers with the same first name or perhaps you want to distinguish different venues. This can be done by enclosing the word in angle brackets < >
Example: Roy < Dennis > or Roy < Georges place >
There must not be a space between the symbals and the name within them or it wont work (There is a space in the example because if there wasn’t it wouldn’t display on this page) These names can be saved like this in the singers database to recognise different venues or surnames.
I attach a picture to demonstrate this.

What started doing a couple years ago was to "save-as" each place I entertaint so that if I am at ABC the names are for them and if I am at XYZ than those are for those singers.
Takes the thinking out of whose whose where.
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