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Handy Tips

Thought I would start a Sticky thread for Handy Tips using Hoster anyone can add their own tips to this thread but this is my first handy tip:

For those that would like easy access to the "Playlist Tracking.csv"
I created a shortcut to this on my desktop to make it easy and quick to lookup songs history.
1) Open C\MTU\Hoster folder.
2) Find the PlaylistTracking.csv file right click and choose "Create Shortcut"
3) Drag the shortcut to your desk top. I set mine top right on desk top so will be easily seen when Hoster is running.
4) Right click on your shortcut and select Properties.
5) Under the generals tab where it reads "Open with" click change, I chose wordpad as it lays it out nice and neat with no need for adjusting but you can choose most Microsoft software, XL allows manipulating the data but is inclined to open with all the columns squashed up, you can also use Microsoft Works Database. Choose whatever program you prefer and press OK.
6) Next if you want you can change the icon, open the shortcut tab, at the bottom is a button for "Change Icon" make yor selection and press OK.
Now your done, any time you want a quick look at the playlist history just click your shortcut.

This is especially handy if you set your Tools/options not to keep song after play so that you can refer to who sang earlier and what if like me the old grey matter doesn't always remember.

Amendment to this post, Since 5.09 release item 1 the folder containing the PlaylistTracking.csv file has been moved, it can now be found from Tools/Hoster Data Folder.
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