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Roy, I'm glad you were able to find that Registration Email. We abandoned that security method several years ago. That is why the kproid.exe failed to connect to our now defunct script.

I used to receive mail sent to "". However, since "info" is a person that spammers usually count on, and we were getting 20,000 to 150,000 emails a day, we discontinued "info" and bounce it back. Not that the spammers care, but we don't get our server slowed down by this any more (we use Postini for our FIRST of three anti-spam processors). Before, the spam was so intense that it was affecting our web site performance.

George is correct. Since we no longer support the old security method, you would need to buy the upgrade to 4.103 if you hadn't found that email. You can read what the differences are by clicking here. As you can see, the changes are to the Installation program and security, no longer requiring the network card you are now locked to, if your card ever fails.
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