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Key Changes seem to crash Hoster sporadically

I am encountering a situation where once in awhile, maybe once a week (working 4 nights a week) when a customer sings a song and requests a key change, Hoster will randomly crash during the song. Sometimes toward the end of the song, occasionally near the start or middle...once as soon as I started the song. When Hoster crashes, it involves having to close Hoster, and restart. The box appears saying Hoster has stopped working. Restarting Hoster, everything still remains in place as far as rotation/playlist and the sang plays fine afterward. I have taken to preemptively closing and restarting Hoster before playing songs with key changes, especially if more than one step in either direction, if Hoster has not yet crashed during a show. I dont know if that helps or not, but it is what I do, LOL.

Here are some particulars to weed out red herrings:

I am running HOSTER 5.50.01 on Windows 10 (10.0.14393) 64bit on a Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ISK. i5 processor, plenty of RAM.

My machine NEVER sees the internet, and never uses Windows Updates. I put the machine into service March of 2017 and have not updated Windows or Hoster since then, since all seemed to be working well.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced similar behavior, and if there is an obvious reason or fix. THANKS!