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Good morning, MLW! Thanks for replying. You up Early, bro.

Downloaded both times on 01/02, I believe, maybe 01/01. Both for my l/t, and the partner's l/t that we're having the prob with. As mentioned, my upgrade went normal/no prob, tho I upgraded from 4.004. I try to stay fair current version with my MTU programs. I have my account, he has his, and both are separate, of course, so no chance reg numbers or anything got 'mixed', or similar.

Something I didn't mention fully in the first post; I didn't remove the old 4.001 version prior to upgrading to 4.006 on the partner's l/t. It's an 'upgrade', and either should do an uninstall if needed, and upgrade 'over the top', or just upgrade from 4.001 to 4.006 with no uninstall step automatically as my upgrade went. Several times in the past on other versions and/or MTU programs, when launching the setup for the upgrade, it'll say the 'older' version must be uninstalled. It'll do so, and then all you have to do is hit the 'next' button for it to continue with the new install of the upgraded version.

Short story... I didn't 'manually' remove 4.001 myself. To be honest, I was a bit paranoid or afraid that somehow we might get 'locked out' of even being able to use 4.001 as a result. At least now 4.001 works fine and normal, and is usable, etc., etc. 4.006 now, and the versions after 4.001 are supposed to work better with Vista, which is being used on his l/t.

Again, my l/t has XP, the problem one is running Vista.

Gonna wait several days to see if there is a fix for this that I'm not seeing or overlooking. If we can't come up with anything via this forum, etc., I may just try removing his 4.001 manually, and then re-running the 4.001 setup putting it back on. Then... try the upgrade again.

Thanks again, for weighing in. Will go the support ticket route if necessary.

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