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Re: Compact Portable setup?

Originally Posted by Rockrz View Post
If you were going to say do a few performance gigs in an old folks home where a big, loud system is overkill (loud not allowed anyhow), what would be a good unit to look at?

I was thinking something that is a compact, all-in-one setup like VocoPro has or similar setup.

Since I've got music on the laptop, it would have to allow for being able to interact with that... and I guess it should have a way to pug in a flat screen for the lyrics and maybe a monitor.

Any suggestions on where to look for something like this?
I have two Powerwerkz PV 50 (50 watt) powered speakers that I use for a small setup. You can hook your laptop directly to them or use a small mixing board for more flexibility. You can daisy chain them together if you need more sound. They weigh ~12 lbs. each.

You also can hook a microphone directly to them. They have an awesome sound.

They will mount on a standard speaker stand, but you can buy some microphone stand mounts for them (that's what I use). However, I use a tripod microphone stand only as they tend to be a little top heavy!

I purchased them on eBay for $100 each as a pair ($200 total). (I also use them for monitors)
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