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Originally Posted by Koone View Post
Nero and Roxio are not here. Can VoGone and Nero co-exist?
Yes, either of them can co-exist with VoGone or any MTU program as far as that goes. The only adjustment you need to do (after installing either of them) is to remove the shortcut they place in the "Startup" folder on the Start Menu. These are put there to allow for a slightly faster program start when you want to open them, but it isn't necessary. The reason to remove those shortcuts is because they interfere with other programs trying to use the CD drive which is why you were asked if you had one of them.

Originally Posted by Koone View Post
What part does .Net Frame play in this? What is its function? Be as technical as you need to be.
.Net Framework plays a big part in the correct installation and running of MTU's programs. MTU programs , as others do integrate as much as required with Microsoft's functional programs to keep from trying to duplicate those functions. As for as it's overall function I am not sure I could explain it to me much less to you. As I understand it, it is kind of like a backbone for integration between programs. I do know Microsoft has integrated it into a lot of their programs and third party software companies are also having to do so too. I even have a couple of games I installed that first check to see if it is loaded along with DirectX.
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