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Question Re: Songverter Demo

Hi Dale & Other Users

I got the Trial version working, so i went to the MTU website purchased/installed the fully paid Songverter, also put the Lame_enc.dll file into the system32 folder

I told Songverter ( source) where to find my .Kma file & it found them ok, now i go to the destination drop down box and "Mp3 Karaoke file" is not showing up in the dropdown box...can anyone tell me why?

The only difference is i put the trail version on my desktop computer which runs "Vista" & i put the full paid version of Songverter on my new laptop which is "Windows 7"..i believe i have done everything else as i did for the trail version

Your help to get Songverter working would be very much appreciated

UPDATE: hey guys, thanx very much for reading this but once again i've got it working after spending hours & searching thru the forums i found that on "Windows 7" i needed to have the Lame_enc.dll file in the windows folder & not in the system 32 folder..either way i have now got it in both & located the Mp3 Karaoke file name in the destination dropdown box....All Is Good - I'm on my way

Kind Regards

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