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Re: Songverter Demo

Hi Dale

No I don't have Hoster on this computer where i am trial-ing the Songverter program..i use hoster on my laptops ( they don't go on internet, the only time they do is for upgrading purposes only)

I don't believe i need to have hoster running or on this computer to trial or even after i've purchased the full Songverter..correct?

what i did was to copy some Kma files from my external hard-drive which is where all my karaoke songs are stored onto a Usb stick and put the Usb stick into this desktop computer where i have downloaded the trial version of songverter and tried to convert them..but once again, No i don't have Hoster on this computer...i don't think songverter requires me to have hoster on this desktop computer to work?

Do you have any suggestions to why it may not be converting?

Looking Forward To Your Reply
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