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Re: Songverter Demo

Originally Posted by Mikelly View Post
Hi MTU & Users

What am i doing wrong or not doing to make this trial version work for me

I'm using Windows Vista
I've downloaded the lame_enc.dll file and put it into the windows system 32 folder

Loaded about 30 .kma files into the source folder of Songverter...selected KMA Karaoke Files in the dropdown box, selected the destination, chose 192k in dropdown box & pressed "Convert"...and the end of each convert was an "beep" sound....once they all finished a popup window says they are complete but i get another window that says errors occured...see "Badlogfile"....i look in that folder and all songs failed to convert

What else can be wrong?...why they are not converting?, below is the message i get from the bad log file & thats happening to all files>

There was an error converting the audio in:
SC3328-06 - Strait, George - Stars On The Water.kma

I will buy this program if i can get it too work...

Although each one failed to convert it still went thru the process for each one & the time taken was around ten files per minute to convert

Help Is very much appreciated

Kind Regards
Do you have Hoster installed on this computer? What version? And did you do the required changes for it to run on Vista?

Though your times sound really fast consider that the conversions all failed. As soon as a song fails Songverter logs the error and moves on to the next file.
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