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Originally Posted by mkirkpat View Post
have .5 stuck in my head because at my office in the last 2 weeks my ERP & CRM systems have all been upgraded to a .5 release and that was stuck in my head. I just upgraded about a month ago.... I'm using an external USB drive...but my question is that in the previous versions this was not an issue at all. Load times were just a few seconds (2 to 5)....but since the upgrade that's been tripled and quadrupled (using the original PC that has had no changes except the upgrade as the benchmark and for consistency). I'll try copying the song database to the local drive but if the external usb drive wasn't a problem with 4.05 why is it all of a sudden a problem in 4.06. I can load & play songs from the external drive in KHPro with no delay. So the symptom is 4.06...not the drive or PC (once again...using the original laptop w/original hardware as the consistent piece between versions). Thanks for the replies!
As Mark said, I wasn't asking about space on the internal for you to move your songs there, but for operating space on the internal drive for Windows. If you internal drive gets too full (over 75%) then Windows slows everything down.
When you downgraded the Vista laptop to XP, did you defragment it after loading everything? Microsoft has one of the worst installers for placing files all over the place on the drive instead of sequentially and this leaves the drive badly fragmented. Fragmentation means it takes longer and the drive must work harder to copy data from the drive to memory.
Also make sure you have done all the changes in the following list as well:
They will help toward getting your computer to work better for Hoster.
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