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Originally Posted by mkirkpat View Post
I'll try copying the song database to the local drive but if the external usb drive wasn't a problem with 4.05 why is it all of a sudden a problem in 4.06.
It isn't a problem. The reason Dale was asking was a Windows issue when you don't leave enough space for Windows swap file.

Originally Posted by mkirkpat View Post
So the symptom is 4.06...not the drive or PC (once again...using the original laptop w/original hardware as the consistent piece between versions). Thanks for the replies!
It is just a matter of more code to run. As the load gets heavier, the older hardware has a hard time keeping up. Also, the code is still pretty new. There will be changes that should make a difference in the way things run as all the bugs are ironed out.

I would tell you to make some changes to lighten the load on your system, but I think at this point I would wait until the newest version comes out in a couple of weeks or so. If the problem still persists, please post back here and we will see what can be done to reclaim some memory and CPU cycles.
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