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Getting Started

I'm surprised to find there is no section on 'Getting Started' or 'Equipment' either in the forums or on the support site. For us clueless Newbies this is a must. I'd like to recommend such a section be added. With that said...

I am starting out and considering buying Hoster as a newbie KJ. I am pc literate and build pc's occasionally. However regarding the way to hook up and use a software like Hoster with a computer and other audio equipment I'm not very knowledgeable at all. I'd really appreciate members' and admin opinions on the following things:

1) What required and recommended equipment is there in order to run a karaoke show using Hoster? (Please include wattage recommendations of speakers, amps, and mixers and possibly brands).

2) What connections are needed? (For instance what plugs into the computer? Do we just plug audio out using a single plug from the computer into an amplifier or mixer? Where do singer mics plug in? Do they connect to computer mic input or mixer input? Does basically everything plug into the mixer (i.e. computer, speakers, mics)?

3) Does Hoster have to be run from a notebook computer? If I built a small and compact, portable desktop type computer shouldn't that work just as well or better? These are sometimes created for portable lan party gaming. My thoughts here are that graphics and sound cards for desktops are much better and more robust than any notebook computers.

4) Is the type of soundcard going to make an enormous difference? (I assume it makes some difference, and there is a minimum type of soundcard to use).

5) Where do you recommend purchasing equipment, and about how much does it run?

This is about all I can think of off the top of my head. Thanks and I look forward to feedback.
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