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A bug in microstudio?

I've noticed a couple of times that even when I've selected to import a cdg file that sometimes I will end up importing a wave file. I get frustrated when I think I have imported a cdg file and then microstudio can't "find" the file (until I tell it to look for wave)

This may be related to the "Keyrite" problem like this:
1. Microstudio mistakenly imports a wave file.
2. Keyrite, capable of changing key for both wave and cdg-without showing graphics, changes the key.
3. User naturally feels that they have processed a cdg, when they have processed a wave file.
4. Microstudio does not recognize the new file for purposes of custom assembly since it is a wave.

Working around the bug(?):

After my initial outburst (which generally involves dynamite!! )

I go back to my import tracks window and "refresh" the selection by clicking wave, then back to cdg. Microstudio should then import cdg files without exception.

I would advise all to configure windows explorer so that they can see the extensions (.wav, .cdg etc.) of the files to know when the problem has occurred.
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