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Microsync not Working

Our Microsound workstation has serial number MS98-1109-01. We have a problem with the Microsync option. Earlier this year (in January) we had a problem with the Krystal card and we were able to resolve that problem by moving it from slot 4 to slot 2 on the motherboard. All seemed to go well since then until we tried to use the microsync option to lay audio back to the tape. We were able to sync the sound at the beginning but after 2 minutes the sync was lost and drifting. The last time the microsync option was used was prior to the Krystal card being moved from slot 4 to slot 2. So, I tried moving the Krystal card back but the Krystal card will not work in its former slot so I tried moving the Microsync card closer to the Krystal Card but I do not get any indication that the time code is being received (the box in the toolbar remains red all the time). So I returned the microsync card back to its original position and still no indication of time code. What are some settings to check? Does the board placement effect the presence or loss of sync?
What software switches or hardware jumpers do I need to check?
Clay Needham
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