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Re: Half My Songs Won’t Load On My Backup PC

I removed the location c:\\MTU for the songs and then added the large folder, Karaoke Files and the program loaded 1074 of 3712.

I then selected REFRESH and it indicated 3712 of 3712 and then locked up. I repeated the same steps and not much changed.

This is a copy of the file you requested:

Enter CPlayer::Start
Start playing C:\\ProgramData\\\\Hoster\\Karaoke\\PS1403-9.kma
Temp files deleted
Audio Player initialized
Audio Player Parameters set
BookID: 3809
Path: C:\\ProgramData\\\\Hoster\\Karaoke\\PS1403-9.kma
Song path: C:\\ProgramData\\\\Hoster\\Karaoke\\PS1403-9.kma
KMA Song Path: C:\\ProgramData\\\\Hoster\\Karaoke\\PS1403-9.kma
Play from file
File Size: 3576553
Duration: 02:33
Get Key, Tempo & Sync
Key: 0
Tempo: 100
Sync: 0.000000
Start Karaoke
Log Played Song
Restore Key, Tempo & Sync
Current index: 28
Selected song: 28
Next index: 29
Cleanup RwRenderer
Cleanup RwViewer
Cleanup Preview RwViewer
Cleanup RwPlayer
Cleanup Audio Player
Exit Play Loop
Current Song: 29
Song: 0x02823ff0
Selected Song: 29
Update Time Column
Remove \'Top Most\' setting
Leave CPlayer::Start

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