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Re: Wireless microphones 2016

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I don't know where you've been getting your information on the VocoPro's, but you're way off base.

I do several local Festivals outdoors using my VocoPro's and six QSC speakers and have had NO noise or interference problems!

Actually, I get compliments from the participants and audience...

Wired mics last longer and do better "if" they are left in the mic stands...

Karaoke singers want to move around and often step on the cable, sometimes snatching the mic out of their hands![/size][/font]
*Attributed to the BH Photography site ( Reviews of the VocoPro UHF 5800 ) Note:They have POSITIVE Reviews as Well...
"We recieved these installed in a cart for video /audio recording for web streaming. The mics started cutting out at about 8 feet from the cart during our trial run and making twumping sounds. I had to use a set of Sennheiser mics for the event. We sent the VocoPro set back to the manufacturer. The replacement set is doing the same thing. I have since removed the VocoPro set from the cart and installed the Sennheiser mics which we are very happy with.
You cannot change channels if you are getting interference on the channel. The manufacturer said it might be the space we are using, but I have 5 other brands of mics I have used in that space over the last 10 years and not had any problems."

Attributed to the Guitar Center Site: Reviews of the VocoPro UHF 5800 Microphone System...

_Most Liked Positive Review

Purchased my UHF-5800 for use in church type situations. Was somewhat hesitant over the quality of the handhelds--felt "cheap". Purchased on the advice of my regular salesperson,...
Read complete review
Most Liked Negative Review

Worst microphones I've ever used!
Features: Great price on a 4-channel set of wireless mics. Thats the end of the feature list. Quality & Reliability: I went through 2 sets of these, and in each...
Read complete review_______________________________


Your experience, and information about VocoPro is more valuable to this OP because your expertise is more current... My use of VocoPro products ended 15+ yrs ago... thus my opinion is dated, I admit, but currently we can find good and bad faults for each of our recommendations... Only the OP can draw his own conclusions, after trying out each (and I suggest trying out more brands and models), before purchasing, and he should draw upon actual KJ expertise, like yours, and mine, and others, which depending on his needs and budget... will help in his future purchase decision...


Please go to the site and check their (many more KJ opinions) KJ Forum regarding VocoPro products, and comparisons with GTD Microphone systems (GTD G-787H is closest to VocoPro UHF5800), for help in your Microphone Purchase Decision...
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