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Re: Wireless microphones 2016

You are using Shure mics now, and in a commercial show, won't be satisfied with the handling noise of the Vocal Pros, IMO... I've never used the Audio 2000 brand, so can't make a comparison ... the Shure wired mics are known to be a quality brand, and a durable workhorse in the entertainment industry (Check how many bands, that set up and tear down nightly use the Shure wired mics)... (Rick)



I don't know where you've been getting your information on the VocoPro's, but you're way off base.

I do several local Festivals outdoors using my VocoPro's and six QSC speakers and have had NO noise or interference problems!

Actually, I get compliments from the participants and audience...

Wired mics last longer and do better "if" they are left in the mic stands...

Karaoke singers want to move around and often step on the cable, sometimes snatching the mic out of their hands!
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