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Re: Wireless microphones 2016


Give us an idea why you want to change from Wired to Wireless, and we can narrow down the pluses and minus's of each according to your application or need... and budget!

Go down to a local Guitar Center Store, "Kick the Tires" by comparing models in your price range, and see which sound better to you and your voice...

You can spend a lot more money, but that doesn't necessarily correlate to sound improvement, in most cases... your over all sound, dictated by quality of Microphone, Mixer, and Speakers can always be tweaked for improvement...

You are using Shure mics now, and in a commercial show, won't be satisfied with the handling noise of the Vocal Pros, IMO... I've never used the Audio 2000 brand, so can't make a comparison ... the Shure wired mics are known to be a quality brand, and a durable workhorse in the entertainment industry ( Check how many bands, that set up and tear down nightly use the Shure wired mics )...

With wireless, the cost of batteries over an extended period of time should be a consideration... You don't want a dead battery to cause an interruption in the performance... the range or distance from transmitter/mic, to receiver is a factor... the antennae, and placement in rack sometimes is a consideration ... the durability, or longevity of your mic system, and replacement cost of transmitter(s) would be a major consideration for Pro KJ's as opposed to the Hobbyist that breaks out the Karaoke for their yearly family get together's ...

How much is the sound coming out of your speakers worth to you? Without knowing your equipment setup, application, and budget, our recommendations based on the two models in your original query may have to be revised... but I still can recommend the GTD's for all the right reason's... Price, looks, feel, and mostly sound quality being the main factor's... and again, your mileage may vary...
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