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Originally Posted by bryant View Post
I see, but piracy being an offense of the law, can only be stopped by a law enforcer, e.g., police, etc, etc., not by someone who wants to collect money and inspect discs. Doesn't make any sense.

Like i said, it was an obvious hoax/scam, call it what you wish.
Not exactly true.
Piracy is theft of property and as such is subject to civil as well as criminal proceedings and the burden of proof is a lot less for civil than criminal.

Even if theres not enough evidence to be criminally prosecuted you can still be be civilly liable

Even if you are found innocent of criminal wrongdoing a civil court can still take everything you have to satisfy someone elses loss. Just ask O.J.

The KIAA is to karaoke manufacturers and their other members, what the RIAA is to the music industry. The RIAA has been fairly succesful in their civil cases against pirates.

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