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quite often i've seen numerous hosts(and even larger multiriggers) that use a 'global' eq improperly.

the global eq should only compensate for room acoustics and/or to balance speaker response. Every change on the global eq affects the mic's, so use it very sparingly.

misuse of the mic eq's is also quite common:

for example a female singer with virtually no bass in her voice and the bass on the mic channel turned up - all this does is expose this mic to the lower freq's that cause feedback, especially in the presence of a subwoofer. You can't add something that isn't there in the first place, so concentrate on adjusting/balancing the frequencies that are present.

on my rig i instead use my sweepable midrange and leave the bass zero'd.

with duets (particularly with female groups) panning each mic off center (where no mics share the same pan setting) as well as slightly varying each mics eq(again none sharing a setting) helps dramatically with clarity and feedback problems...

I also use a Dbx Driverack PA.........worth every penny!
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