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Re: Half My Songs Won’t Load On My Backup PC


Sorry I didn\'t send the correct file, but I can\'t find any other Microstudio file.txt on either computer. Also when I did the refresh the blue indicator did go through all the songs the it was not a success. So it still does not work.

I appreciate all the help you have given me to help solve this Mircostudio problem, and all my past problems with Hoster.

I think it is time for me to throw in the towel and stop wasting your valuable time. I can still go to my master laptop for all things related to Microstudio, so I really do not need it in the back-up.

My back-up laptop is in case the Hoster program in my main laptop has a problem and I can switch to using the back-up Hoster in my back-up laptop.

Once again, thanks for all your efforts now and in the past, and I am sure in the future. You have always been there for me as well as others on this forum.


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