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Half My Songs Won’t Load On My Backup PC

I have two ACER Aspire laptops with Win 7 Home Premium. One I use as my \\\"master\\\" and the smaller one as a back-up.

I have Microstudio 4.40.00 installed in both laptops and the same song folders installed in both laptops at the hard drive C:\\\\MTU\\\\ and that\\\'s the folder I use as the default for Microstudio.

When I open Microstudio on the \\\"master\\\" all the songs load onto the left side of the screen and the program works. However, when I open the program on the back-up laptop about 40% of the songs load on the left and the blue indicator stops at approx. 1461 of 3825 songs and stays that way for a few minutes and then the indicator goes away. The program will work with the decreased number of songs. However, If I click on the \\\"refresh\\\" button the blue process indicator goes through the total songs and then freezes and nothing works.

When I use Hoster 6.01.02 it works on both computers.

While this is not a real serious problem like it would be for Hoster, I would like to find a solution to my Microstudio program.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Acer 11.6 inch Aspire V-5 Laptop with Win 7 Home Intel Celeron 1007U Processor 1.50Ghz 4GB ram

Acer 15.6 inch Aspire E1-531 Laptop with Win Home 7 64, Intel B960 Processor 2.2Ghz 4GB ram.

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