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Re: Want to upgrade and use Vogone again

Originally Posted by stublack View Post
I purchased a package in 2009 that included Keywrite (never used not sure why I would want to??).
Vogone, KHPRO and Microstudio (I use Microstudio all the time).
I successfully made about a dozen songs back then, and had no luck with a whole lot more.

If I upgrade Vogone and KHPRO will my success rate improve? If I could get partial vocal or NO vocal before, will they still be partial and NO vocal after upgrade.

I remember there were some restrictions on music type. If I purchased the music online (download) one of these products would not let me use it. If I used my own CD's then I could use them. Has that changed? or do I need to find a way to convert these files.

I also have a terrible memory and don't remember how to use these products in conjunction to create the end product. Are there step by step instructions somewhere that I can get a copy of.

Thanks, Stu
I'm also interested in Vogone...
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