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Originally Posted by RIKKI TIKKI View Post

These testers are getting bored because Hoster 4.08 is running without any new complaints to troubleshoot! Please consider what idle minds ( good ones at that -- in most cases! Ha!) must do to entertain themselves! LOL

I went over to the Bose forum and plucked out this photo!

This guy has an awesome setup for DJ'ing, and he didn't even have the T1 (mixer / effects) included yet!

This is a little overboard... but if you need pro sound bass, this would have the windows rattling a bit!

Even with the Classic L1 system, with 2 bass modules that I run presently, I can clean out the cobwebs from the rafters!

Rikki Tikki Karaoke
At first glance it appears the lights are mounted to the L1 but with a closer look you see the tripods behind. So not all that impressive.

I know some folks have made brackets to attach to the back or top of the L1 for lighting. I saw one one time that someone created for hanging their guitar.

Last time I noticed, Bose's official position is that they don't recomend these, but they also mention that they have to say that for liability reasons.

These are on my list of things to make and use at some point but for right now I just use a couple of LCD par 35's sitting on the PS1 to illuminate the poles.
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