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Bose L1

Originally Posted by madjim View Post
In my off time, I ran across two acts using the L1/L2 type sytems. One was an outside acoustic act and the other was a girl singing to background tracks in a small club. I have to say I was quite impressed with what I heard. The acoustic act I saw using it outside had some feedback issues but this can be fixed with a 32 band EQ.

If I ever get to old to or tired of lifting my 2 Yamaha S115IV speakers on their stands, I will probobly get the L2 system with two bass bins.

Jim, Once in a blue moon i'll have a feedback problem using high volume. YOu are correct about the eq. I have an adequate at best eq built into my computer's sound card that takes care of that. The tone engine has everything built in that is needed to fix it also, its just knowing how to use it. Most people who have an idea about sound will not have that problem. What i like best is the USB connection to carry the sound from the computer, no more 1/8-1/4 mini plugs to worry about. One ethernet cord to supply power to the tone engine and sound to the speaker system.
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