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Hey guys. I too sing Mariachi. It seems that as I got older my voice is now lower about 1 1/2 steps. A song I used to sing in the key of D, I now sing in the key of B. Guess that happens with age. I have problems getting music because most singers sing higher then I do. But now with keyrite, I should have more choices.

I personnaly favor Karaoke music by the composer and singer the Late Jose Alfredo Jimenez. I just purchased one with songs composed and sung by Cuco Sanchez.

I have two Jose Alfredo. One called KAroakanta, Exitos de Jose Alfredo 1, most songs in my Key. Good songs, music, and arrangements. There is now a 2 but I can't seem to find it locally.

I also have Karaoke todos a cantar, Exitos de Jose Alfredo Jimenez vol.1. This one appears to have been done mostly with Keyboards but it works O.K. Sounds close to a mariachi and most people probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Most songs are in my key.

The third I just got and needed a lot of keychanging is Multi Karaoke, Cuco Sanches Y Jose Alfredo Jimenez. Good songs music and arrangments but all songs out of my key some as much as 2 1/2 steps. I used Keyrite 1400 to change them. They appear to sound pretty good on the audio CD-r I just created.

By the way, I live in San Antonio, TExas. Mariachi really goes over really good here and in all of South Texas.
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