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Re: Conversion To Kma

Hey, I feel your pain and I totally agree with you. I purchased the upgrade because it was supposed to perform better than my old 1.002 version that supposedly had bugs. Fortunately I had my old version to fall back on, and it is working fine on my 64 bit machine. But I still paid for version 1.33 that the MTU site it still says today that you can convert TO KMA as you can see below. Roy may have suggested other ways to do what you want to do but why should you or I have to learn new ways when we pay for programs that are supposed to do it the way we know and have always done it? I discussed this with Bryan at MTU on 2/13/15 and he said they would update at some point to do KMA or KMH but it has been a year and not done. My free updates expired 2/6/16 so now if it is updated I suppose I will be expected to pay again.

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