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Re: Is this guy a scam, er what???

Originally Posted by muzicman144 View Post
... By the way, i believe MTU's Karaoke Producer will remove the logo from SC files, haven't tried it yet, but was told it would. Anyone tried????????
I apologize for getting slightly off subject.
KHPro can't edit the "cd+g" graphics directly. It allows you to open a music file and a lyrics .txt file (or type in the lyrics within KHPro's edit window), play the music and tap the spacebar where each word should start highlighting.

If a song's text lyrics are out of sync, you can clean it up.

If bad language has been used, you can leave them out.

If wrong lyrics are used, you can correct them.

If the music is 3 minutes long, it will take you 3 minutes to place the lyrics in sync if you know the song.

So, in closing... yes KHPro can re-create a song from SC or other music without their logo up front or in the credits. And yes, you can insert your own (or none) title page and credits page if you desire.
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