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Re: Is this guy a scam, er what???

Originally Posted by Musicman51 View Post
I'll tell ya randy. If the sleps can figure out a way to get into canada and do their thing, they will, just give them time. Then we'll see how much canada's karaoke industry is growing. Here you have one kj, going to a club owner, accusing his kj of being a pirate, then scavenging the gig, like left over road kill. I have been a musician for going on 40 years. Had my first paying band gig when i was 12 years old at an eagles lodge on a saturday afternoon. It paid $10.00. Anyway...i belong to a few musicians forums. The bands have caught wind of these law suits, now they're going to the karaoke bars, telling them about the lawsuits and this big mess. They tell the club owners, a band might cost a few bucks more. But in the long run it's still cheaper then being sued and hiring a lawyer and going to court. So they are taking jobs away from the KJ's as well. So believe it randy....
JMHO, It appears to me that Karaoke is really dying out in a lot of areas. I believe that the KJ's that attract the top singers will continue to do well. The saturation of the karaoke world with wannabe's and has been's, half ass kj's has taken it toll on the public. Patrons will continue to come an listen to the good, great singers, with exceptionally talented host. But no longer want to sit through an evening of screamers and off key renditions you don't recognize. This is no longer funny.
Along with the lawsuits, threats, bickering KJ's afraid someone is going to steal "their gig" that doesn't belong to them in the first place has tainted the business. I see one man shows taking over with the talented KJ's becoming the total act and being successful at it.
Again, it is just what i see up and down the east coast with my one man show. I don't know about the rest of the country.
Bars and Clubs don't have to worry much about one man shows and we have no songbook, no one can look over our shoulders to see what, or how, we use the music, nor by whom it is produced by. I use a lot of music recorded in a studio by my former band, and still record music that way to use on the road. But, good luck to all you KJ's and i hope we all avoid the slep fraud (should be one word, a new word in the karaoke world, "slepfraud") campaign.
By the way, i believe MTU's Karaoke Producer will remove the logo from SC files, haven't tried it yet, but was told it would. Anyone tried????????
I apologize for getting slightly off subject.